Digital Marketing Freelancer based in Bournemouth, UK

Hi, my name is Andrew Moore. I’ve been working on websites and delivering online marketing campaigns in agencies and in-house since 2007, and as a commercially-focused freelancer since 2014.


Digital Marketing

Visibility of your brand/ product/ service is essential. If your target audience can’t find you or don’t know you exist, the rest is useless.

Don't forget past visitors or customers. They're cheaper to retain than acquiring new customers and will be your advocates.


Just having a website isn't enough, but having a website with too much going on is enough to put visitors off.

A positive experience on your website is often the difference between gaining a satisfied new customer and losing one to a competitor.

Squarespace Plugins

Squarespace is my website platform of choice, but there are some features missing that my clients always request.

So I've put together a collection of custom Squarespace features that you can download and install yourself to enhance your website.


Squarespace Specialist

In my opinion, Squarespace is the best website platform for SME websites and boutique online stores.  I've been developing Squarespace websites for 2 years and know how to get the most from it. The benefits of Squarespace include:

  • Beautiful starter templates - make it quicker for me (cheaper for you) to create a unique professional website for your brand.
  • Extensive customisation - for features unique to your business.
  • Search engine friendliness - unlike many other website platforms.
  • Ease of use - for inexperienced website administrators.
  • Regular new features - despite a low hosting price.

Adwords (PPC) Expert

When I started my career over 9 years ago I was involved in paid search marketing campaigns and have been ever since.  

I worked on accounts with close to £1 million PPC spend while at digital agencies, and as a freelancer I mostly work with small businesses but also provide consultancy to big brands.  Unfortunately due to non-disclosure agreements I cannot name these brands but please contact me to discuss how I can help you with your paid search marketing strategy and manage your campaigns on an ongoing basis.


Contact me

Get in touch with me today with any questions or to enquire about what I can do for you. There's no obligation and it's free, so what's the worst that could happen?