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Get a fantastic website that looks beautiful on all devices, is search engine optimised, and easy to update yourself.

I am a freelance Squarespace web designer & developer in the UK; creating beautiful and functional yet affordable websites.

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Squarespace Subscriptions

Squarespace have given me the opportunity to offer new clients 20% off their first year of Squarespace when paid annually. Sound good? Contact me today!


If you want a website that presents your business, its services and other information...

Squarespace is the best website platform ever

And here's why...

Your Website is 50% Complete Before You've Signed Up

Hosting? Taken care of! Squarespace hosts so many websites it's important for their business that every website on their platform has super fast, super secure and reliable hosting.

Mobile optimised? You bet! All Squarespace sites automatically work and look great on mobiles. Plus, there's some clever stuff to make your website load quickly on mobiles by serving scaled versions of the original images that are smaller file sizes.

Blog? Image gallery? Video? Yes, yes yes! Blogging and so many more features are built directly into the Squarespace platform. No fumbling around with plug-ins.

Because so much is taken care of, it means less time required for me to develop your website, which in turn means a lower upfront website cost and quicker launch.


What is a plug-in for WordPress, is built into Squarespace. If you need a website that has very specific and unusual needs, WordPress may be the best platform for you. But most businesses don't have this need and can get an incredibly well designed and built website using the Squarespace platform and a digital freelancer like me that knows how to use it and get the most from it.

From an SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective, it is excellent. Way better than similar platforms because of the amount of control it gives you and how the html is output. Real H1s, paragraph tags, divs - not pseudo headings and tables. Choosing an alternative turn-key website platform could be a regrettable decision if the output html is not SEO friendly, and you'd be none the wiser unless you're familiar with HTML and SEO practices.

Looking to sell products on your website? Squarespace can do this, though it's suited to small-scale boutique operations. If you sell a large variety of products, a different platform may be more suitable so contact me and I can recommend the best platform for you based on your requirements.


Have you ever had a WordPress website? It's an incredibly powerful platform because it's infinitely customisable.  But with that power comes great responsibility, and issues can occur that are beyond your skill-set to resolve - making it far more costly to maintain your website. Or, if you've purchased a WordPress theme which, when applied to your website, does not look right or breaks if you try to add a plug-in.

Squarespace is more restrictive than WordPress, which means it is very unlikely to break or go wrong. It just works out of the box. No plug-ins, no error messages, no hassle!


Because so much of Squarespace is set up before I even start on your website, it reduces the cost for me to build your website dramatically compared to a WordPress site.  Once I've finished your website and handed it over to you, you will pay Squarespace a monthly (or reduced annual) fee.  This covers your hosting, award-winning support and new features that Squarespace often launch. For example, Squarespace recently launched a number of improvements that could give you a competitive advantage in Google search results (AMP, HTTPS & HTTP2). Hosting a WordPress website can be cheaper each month, but is also likely slower, more prone to downtime, issues and less secure.  


Or simply if you have any questions. I am a Squarespace Circle member - which means I am a registered Squarespace expert and I get exclusive access to Squarespace developer features and content.