Artifact Lighting Ecommerce Website

Artifact Lighting is a boutique industrial and vintage lighting retailer and consultancy. They have had exceptional growth and are looking to take the business to the next level, presenting a more professional brand. This would be done by migrating from their basic ecommerce website on the Big Cartel platform to give them more options and customisations as well as a unique website design to portray their brand.

Artifact Lighting hired me because of my experience with the BigCommerce platform. They also felt that I understood their requirements more than the web design agencies they had spoken to, and appreciated the savings I offered in comparison.

Deciding on the BigCommerce Platform

BigCommerce felt like the perfect platform for Artifact Lighting at this stage of their company life. They've outgrown the features of Big Cartel but do not need a complex, bespoke Magento ecommerce site. BigCommerce is a far cheaper but equally professional solution. It offers much better product options (or product variant options) than Shopify and other hosted ecommerce solutions, as well as a good platform for SEO and design customisation.

Understanding the Requirements

I spent time with the team at Artifact Lighting to understand what their brand was about and what made them and their products special. We also spent time talking about their increased focus on lighting consultancy services, which were to be a key feature of the website. Based on their specific requirements I produced a quote listing their requested requirements along with items I recommended but were optional.

The Results

Click the screenshots of the new website (and old website) to view larger images.

Update: The website has since had a v2 refresh which you can see here.

The New Ecommerce Website

The Old Site (For Comparison)

Ecommerce Setup

As well as designing & building the new ecommerce website for Artifact Lighting, I was required to setup the ecommerce store. This included the setup and integration of payment methods Stripe and Paypal, applying an SSL secure certificate to areas of the site such as the payment pages, integrating other services such as Mailchimp and switching the domain to the new website.

I also worked to reduce any negative impact on search engine rankings as a result of changing the website. This is an important step if you have built good traffic via search engines organically because changing a site can take a while for Google to understand what has happened and thus your position in the search engines can drop.