Artificial Nature Ecommerce Website

Website Requirements

Artificial Nature was a brand new business when I started working on the design & build of the website. The requirements for the website had to meet the following criteria:

  • Visitors had to be able to buy products on the website
  • The design had to reflective of the brand
  • The website had to be responsive so it worked well on any device including mobiles
  • The ecommerce features had to be set up for UK commerce (some platforms are not setup with the UK in mind making them difficult for UK businesses to use)
  • It had to be possible to integrate other services such as marketplaces and Google shopping
  • The content of every page needed to be fully customisable and search engine friendly
  • Visitors had to be able to zoom into product images to see every detail of the products

BigCommerce for Ecommerce

BigCommerce was the ideal platform to meet these requirements. I did have to make some customisations such as a unique website design (none of the pre-built templates suited the brand or were responsive at the time) and the way the content was output by the system needed to be modified in some areas.

Website Design

Artificial Nature is a new business that sells high quality artificial plants & trees online. The design, font and colours I used reflects the high quality of the products and service, while the layout was designed to be clear and easily adaptable for any sized screen.  

Website Build

The design is very lightweight - there are no unnecessary images to download - almost everything is built using html and css (and javascript where necessary for BigCommerce functions). Live text (which is great for SEO and accessibility) is used everywhere except on the logo.

It was important that the product images were large and of high quality so that visitors could see the detail of the fake trees. I adapted the BigCommerce platform to allow for this and incorporated a tool for zooming in on product images - which works really well even on mobile devices using your finger.

Online Shop Setup

I was also responsible for setting up the ecommerce site, which including the purchase and setup of the domain, applying the secure SSL certificate for the checkout pages and setting up the Stripe and Paypal payment methods.

External services such as Mailchimp, Live chat, Ebay and Google Shopping were integrated and delivery rules were created based on location.